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5 ways to beat depression

5 ways to beat depression

Unfortunately depression is not just a fact of life, but also a part of the human experience. While completely natural, it is far from being desirable, as it wreaks havoc in the lives of those affected, sometimes even pushing them to commit suicide. While depression varies in intensity and can be addressed by mental health care specialists, there are also things you can do by yourself in order to deal with this mood disorder.

Depression Help in Chicago

Depression Help

Learn the following 5 Ways to Beat Depression:

1. Get Counseling

Overcoming depression through counseling is a very good idea. By reaching out to a specialist you will not only find out what exactly is causing your depression but also recognize the onset of future episodes and stop them in their tracks. You’ll be able to do so by gaining new skills or ways of thinking that will challenge dysfunctional thinking patterns.

2. Exercise

When we decide to exercise, there are a number of changes that happen in the body. As soon as we get up and being to do some physical activity, the body enters a general arousal state. It includes many different systems: cardiovascular activation, metabolism, hormonal changes as well as various endocrine changes in the brain. What is more, according to research, an act as simply as walking can stimulate your body to produce and release into the bloodstream the oxytocin hormone, a neuropeptide that aids with bonding and feeling connect, hence less depressed.

3. Meditation

Those who suffer from occasional bouts of sub-clinical, fancy word for mild to moderate, depression can benefit greatly from entering an altered state of consciousness through meditation. These techniques focus on practices that relax the body and mind. This in turn lifts the mood and provides relief.

4. Happy music

This one can look a bit shocking, since common sense would tell you that you should spend time in your head getting to the bottom of it. Yet, a lot of people are depressed exactly because they spend too much time in their own head, with their own thoughts and feelings. Instead of listening to an inner dialogue of criticism and judgment, why don’t you play your favorite songs and sing along? You’d be surprised how far this could take you.

5. Walking outside

Did you know that going for a walk outdoors when dealing with depression can prove to be a great relief? By visiting Chicago area parks, taking your dog/cat out for a stroll or simply visiting our favorite streets in the city can help with our serotonin levels tremendously. Not to mention the wonders some fresh air will do to our sleeping patterns that can be disturbed by depression.

Overall, depression is serious mood disorder that needs to be taken into consideration seriously. Due to its nature it can affect us globally, making us feel tired, irritated and hopeless. Still, there are many ways of dealing with it. One must only reach out. Get help for depression in Chicago today.