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Anger Management Therapist in Chicago

anger management Chicago, ILHas uncontrollable rage caused you to seek an anger management therapist in Chicago? Therapy and counseling is available by our behavioral therapist. Anger is a natural emotional response to people or situations that fall foul of our internal sense of what’s right and wrong. While some people experience anger mildly and for a limited time others are chronically irritable or fly into a rage at the slightest provocation. Anger management is increasingly being used as the catch-all term for techniques and programs designed to help the latter group to better cope with the stressors that are triggering their behavior. You might be surprised at how anxiety issues can bring about a quick temper.

Chicago, IL Anger Management Therapy


Anger Management Therapy Techniques

There are many different anger management programs, each grounded in specific psychological theories or combinations of theories. Some psychologists advocate using creative techniques such as writing to diffuse the accumulated anger and prevent a blow-out.

Using guided imagery is another creative therapy for dealing with anger, by seeking to induce feelings of peace and calm which are incompatible with anger. When we realize that we often prolong feelings of anger by continuously going over perceived injustices in our heads, it becomes clear that using our imagination to create relaxing thoughts will quell the anger.

Although there are many different methods of using guided imagery, here is a typical structure:

  1. Sit or lie down and close your eyes
  2. Take deep breaths to calm the body
  3. Imagine a peaceful scene (e.g. a flowery meadow; a tropical beach)
  4. Add detail to the scene using all five senses
  5. Follow a path deeper into your imaginary scene
  6. Breathe slowly and immerse yourself in the feeling
  7. Think of a trigger word or sound that you can use to instantly recall the scene in the future
  8. Slowly return along the path and tell yourself you will keep the feelings with you
  9. Count to three and open your eyes

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is another popular approach used in anger management programs. CBT is based on the concept that all of our behaviors follow on from our thoughts. In the case of excessive anger, the thoughts behind the angry feelings need to be identified and modified, with the patient selecting a number of triggers to work with.

Practice Anger Management Methods.

CBT often takes a three stage approach to anger management:

Stage 1. The patient learns techniques for immediate stress reduction and relaxation to help them cope with the trigger situations.

Stage 2. The thoughts underlying the feelings of anger are identified. For example, a patient might react angrily if they are hooted at by a fellow driver, assuming the driver is being aggressive. This is then treated as a hypothesis and alternative explanations suggested. For example, if the horn prevented a collision, the driver may have simply wanted to avoid a crash. It can then be shown that the initial assumption of aggression was a result of faulty logic. The patient would then be encouraged to substitute the initial thought for a more realistic one: that people using their horns are likely to want to avoid collisions.

Stage 3. Deeper core beliefs are examined and modified to reduce the chance of a relapse. These often originate in childhood and include feelings of subjugation, fear (of an angry parent) and vulnerability. Contact our therapist in Chicago for an anger management therapy today.