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Workout Schedule Plan: Why Planning Routines Matter

One of the biggest challenges to getting into shape is having a realistic workout schedule plan. These days, we all get so super busy with our daily lives that it’s easy to blow off the gym. All too often people miss their workout because work, family, school and responsibilities get in the way. Use the following tips to make a good workout schedule:

Workout Schedule

Step 1: Write Down Your Workout Schedule

You might be thinking, “Why is scheduling my workout on paper important”? Many people struggle with poor time management skills, which can eventually lead to skipping the gym.  The idea is to get yourself into a routine where you can shape up, plus be able to handle everything else life throws at you.  Grab a spiral notebook folder or use your cell phone calendar to jot down daily workout routines. You have to make the decision that exercise will be a natural part of your life.

Step 2: Workout the Same Time Everyday

Planning fitness routines around the same time each day will help your body get into a natural rhythm. Some people, myself included, experience better results by hitting the gym early in the morning at about 7am. This way you have a peace of mind, knowing your workout is out of the way.  There is something nice about being at the gym during early hours when no one else is around. On the other hand, perhaps getting up at sunrise isn’t your cup of tea? That’s okay! Evening workouts can be very effective, so long as you train your body to exercise consistently.

Step 3: Make Your Workout a Priority

There is nothing more important than maintaining your health. Take a moment to review your weekly schedule and make sure that fitness is atop your list. Remember that exercise can include more than going to a health club. Whether you enjoy bike riding, fast walking, watching exercise videos or using free weights, the key is doing activities you enjoy. Having a healthy lifestyle means giving your body permission to workout regularly.

Step 4: Get Enough Sleep to Workout Tomorrow

A big part of planning your workout routine has to do with getting enough rest. Anywhere between 6 and 8 hours sleep should do the trick. Since muscles need time to recuperate, rest time is every bit as important as the actual physical activity. Over time, your mind and body will automatically tell you it’s time for bed. Ideally, adding a little meditation to your daily routine can help lower the bad stress hormone known as cortisol. People who suffer from mood disorders like depression and anxiety can also benefit from taking part in physical fitness several times a week.

Step 5: Make your Own Workout Goals

Not everyone is going to get six pack abs or look like a top fitness model. The objective needs to be creating a workout schedule which meets realistic expectations. Most rapid weight loss programs fail because yo-yo diets are ineffective over the long run. Carefully thought out wellness plans should bring into consideration the following: sleep, diet, stress reduction and exercise.

The truth is you can have a better body, simply by planning ahead.