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What is ZaZen Meditation

What is Zazen MeditationZazen refers to Zen Buddhism which is a form of meditation signifying the religious practice. Zazen is a practice which aims to describe the significance of existence of living beings in this universe without involving any physical thing.  Many Chicago Counseling Therapy clients pose these existential questions.

Pre-Requisites of Practicing Zazen

1.       A place away from all the noise, the winds and the smoke.

2.       Average lightening in the room i.e., not too dark or too bright.

3.       Comfortable temperature

4.       Round cushion which in Japanese is called as Zafu.

5.       Rectangular mat called zabuton or a thick blanket in winters to support the knees.

Significance of Zazen Meditation

1.  Overcome the worldly thoughts: The Zazen is practiced to go beyond the normal thinking levels. There are a lot of things in the world to which were never put food. Therefore Zazen helps in arising perfectly natural thoughts and images in your mind out of your unconscious mind. This will avoid all the intentional thoughts and images which may be haunting you in your usual life.

2. Realize the power of your mind: Caught in worldly routine you have never realized the actual potential of your mind. Zazen is there to make you meet yourself. Your unconscious mind has a lot to convey to you and it helps in accepting those messages from the mind.

Benefits of Zazen: Zazen do not resembles the simple meditation process which is carried out for relaxation, stress relief, increasing concentration or for healing. It has its roots deep within the craving problems of life. It has the solutions to all those questions which cannot be answered by any third person. Take a look into some of its benefits.

1.  Reduced levels of Stress and anxiety: stress is the nothing but the result of the inner dissatisfaction. They arise within you without giving any invitation. But to throw them out of you is in your own hands and it is possible through Zazen.

2. Mind clarity: The itchy circumstances of life catch you in the web of disturbing thoughts. Zen meditation can repair the thoughts and the wisdom of your mind so that you can overcome the intrusive thoughts in your mind.

3.  Heals the depression levels: Depression needs meditation to cure and not medication! Zazen has the potential to clear all the fogginess of mind by reflecting a correct meaning of circumstances happening around you. Thus the matters stop pestering your mind and you recover from depression.

Advice about Zazen

While practicing Zazen you may encounter many thoughts which may force you towards them. Therefore it is advised to not let those thoughts conquer them. Do not follow or fight against them and don’t even escape from them. They may raise the heavy waves in your mind but you have to stay calm and composed. Just let them pass like a bunch of airy and light clouds and watch your thoughts like a spectator. The power of Zazen do not lie in reacting and getting disturbed rather it lies in staying serene and undisturbed. This is essential for holistic health.

Thus the secret of Zazen lies in non thinking and providing a serene moment to your mind. If you would like to learn mindfulness Zazen meditation as part of therapy in Chicago, professional counseling can include this skill.