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Chicago Therapist Explains How Sleep Affects the Body

Chicago Therapist Explains How Sleep Affects the Body

Of all life activities, sleep is nature’s wonderful blessing. It is designed to tune and renew the body for another great wake life event. But when you find it difficult to sleep, there is indeed a bigger problem than you think because your body is denied the opportunity to renew itself and for you to stay healthy.

 What happens when you sleep?

During sleep, the entire faculties of the body are at rest leaving only the heart and brain to continue their various roles which help to free the body of Stress.

At sleep time, the body takes the opportunity to carry out various repair works on cells, muscle, joints, brain, and the organs and so on and help in optimum health. This is why sleep therapy is sometimes popular. However, traditional psychotherapy, along with a visit to your primary doctor for a check up is always recommended.  Talk to our Chicago Therapist about help sleeping today.

During the repair works more energy are released and used so the body can free itself of radicals and toxins that may disrupt the proper function of the body and prevent anxiety and depression.

How sleep restores the body

There are four sleep phases and two major activities that take place when you go to bed.

Stage one is a point between wake and fall asleep. This phase is where the body is preparing to switch off and enter the sleep properly.

Stage two is a point where the body has disconnected from worldly activities, and everything is calm as the body enters relaxation mode.

Stage three and four is where the restorative power of sleep is ignited. Now the body is entirely switched off and relaxed. During stages three and four, the body is going through various activities including the following:


  • Muscles are relaxed and gets more blood supply
  • Breathing is slower
  • Blood pressure drops
  • Tissue repair and growth repair occurs
  • Energy is restored
  • All body parts get regular blood supply
  • Hormones are released which aid growth and other vital bodily functions to Prevents Illness

While sleeping, there are two functions taking place, these are internal and physical renewal going on; these are referred to as NREM (74%) and REM (25%).

Internally, the body organs, memory are going through different processes of corrections and hormones are released to support the body repair and regeneration efforts.

Then the physical works which include growth, damage repair, etc. If you have injuries, your injury heals faster during sleep as body energy is now fully concentrated unlike during wake time when all body resources are shared among various activities.

To benefit from the restorative power of sleep, the average person needs between 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep daily.

With good sleep, we can eat and metabolize well enough to have plenty of good feelings that save us from undue anxiety, depression, and abnormal weight gain or loss.

Sleep helps to strengthen our immune system to fight germs and diseases. It when you sleep well it helps you to do more work the following day.

A person is not getting enough sleep is not far away from anxiety and depression as the condition will lead to more complications that will further break down the immune system and give rise to more disease.

It is, therefore, advisable to see your doctor if you are not able to sleep well. Counseling is available to help you manage stress, anxiety and fears.