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How to Find a Therapist in Chicago

How to Find a Therapist in Chicago

Finding the right therapist for a specific treatment of a given psychological condition is essential in order to address, deal and resolve the issue accordingly. There are many good practitioners in Chicago, and they specialize in different fields of psychology. A good choice of therapist should be based on a number of factors, all of them equally important.

There are many different theoretical fields of psychology and therefore treatments. The practitioner you choose should be qualified in the particular area of psychology that deals with the given condition. For example, many people who have a condition related to unconscious behavior get in touch with a psychodynamic therapist. Cognitive psychologists will help people with thoughts as well as self and life perception. Behavioral psychologists for instance focus more on here and now treatments. These are just some of the many types of psychologists one can get in touch with.

Word of mouth, as always, is a good way to single out a few potential practitioners that might be of assistance to you. Ask friends and family if they know or visit psychologists and if they are happy with them. Gathering some referrals in advance is not a bad idea either. When looking for the right person, remember that distance or location should not be of importance – you don’t need a convenient therapist, you need a good professional. In case you are lacking a referral source, check with institutes and organizations if they offer the service of appointing psychologists as per the needs of the community. Good way to find a practitioner without using referrals.

Finding a therapist online is also an option. Since people can find pretty much anything and anyone on the internet, securing the services of a good therapist should be no problem. Looking online is not a bad idea, but take your time choosing and go with a psychologist who is not selling themselves, but rather they want to show the importance of their work and the philosophy of working with patients.

When choosing the right therapist – look at their photo. As the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. Follow your intuition and choose the face you trust the most. Try to move away from the physical appearance concept – the prettiest photo may not be the person you need. A small bit of advice when looking at photos – over seductive photos usually don’t work. Also, think twice before getting in touch with a person who has their professional photos while part taking in their hobby or favorite recreational activity.

Gender is also an important consideration when choosing the right therapist in Chicago. Most people feel more comfortable with one gender and prefer to work with either a male or female therapist. Many individuals are strongly opinionated about working with a particular gender so look for the person and gender that appeals to you most.

Final stage of the choosing process is usually a phone call, where you ask a set of questions that provide you with the reliable information you need. Ask relevant questions that matter to you – don’t be shy in gathering the information you require.