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Chicago Counseling Info

What is your individual counseling in Chicago like?

One on one therapy involves building a trusting relationship with your counselor. During sessions, we work together on pinpointing specific psychological problems which may be straining your mental health. Since counseling psychology is a process it may take several visits before you feel comfortable enough to open up. Counselors do not judge people. Instead, we try to create a warm environment so that consumers can share their feelings.

Are you a therapist in Chicago that accepts insurance?

Yes, our counseling services accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS/PPO) As health insurance plans vary, we generally contact your insurer before the first visit to verify. Your health care provider may require payment of a deductible or co-pay.

Where is Chicago Counseling Therapy Located?

The office is situated upon Ashland Avenue near Addison Street. Street parking is usually plentiful during daytime hours. Our private therapy clinic is located within a very safe neighborhood on Chicago’s north side.  Many clients enjoy Lakeview area attractions, such as restaurants, shopping, and theaters.

How does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Counseling Work?

My approach is to establish a non-judgmental atmosphere, so that you can truly discuss your deepest emotions and feel safe.  CBT is known as evidence based practice because much scientific research has been conducted on this therapy method. The essence of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy or REBT is to identify deep beliefs that lead to our emotions.  Deeply embedded automatic thoughts affect your feelings.

How many Counseling Sessions will I need?

The fact is there is no set number on the amount of therapy appointments required.  Every individual case is unique. Someone who has experienced past trauma or abuse may need to attend counseling longer than someone who is feeling stuck. Substance abuse therapy, as well as alcohol addiction treatment is rarely just one visit. Psychotherapy can be considered a positive step toward a new direction.

Does Your Therapy in Chicago include Homework?

Just as a physical therapist assigns exercises away from therapy to strengthen muscles, effective psychotherapy can often include practicing skills learned during sessions at home. With some clients, we may use a workbook to monitor progress. The basic idea is to train the mind to process stimuli and situations in a healthy way.

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