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Depression Help Chicago: Understanding Sad Feelings

Depression Help Chicago: Understanding Sad Feelings

According to a survey conducted in North America, 45 percent of respondent fear holiday seasons due to weather. While, the National Institute of Health said Christmas mostly records very high incidence of depression. Reports from other agencies of states are no different from earlier statistics. Police said the rate of suicides and attempted suicides is alarming. And the health institutions’ stories, like in hospitals, are not different from the police.

Many patients in psychiatry institutions are also experiencing seasonal affective disorder popularly known as SAD. Sad is a condition that is common and associated with a change in weather, generally characterized by low light and extreme cold.

Other mental professionals and indeed the psychologists claim their patients complained of an increase in depressed conditions during festive periods.

There is no one size fits all reason for depression in holidays, but there are six possible explanations why depression are commonplace in festive seasons. One can also see, going through the list of possible reasons, that a combination of reasons may also be a cause. Stress is also a contributing factor that becomes heightened during the holidays.  The added worry during the season around how to pay for gifts, also weight heavily.

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Below is a list of the reasons adduced:

  1. Economic
  2. Environment
  3. Social responsibility
  4. Health
  5. Psychological
  6. Lifestyle

Mental health experts are still finding answers to the question as to why the prevalence of Depression in Holidays? We cannot say for sure, the cause or causes of the seasonal pandemic, but some answers are found in the six categories listed above. Let’s consider each of the possible answers to the question of the causes of holiday depression below.

  1. Economic reason: Economic factors and the commercialization of festive season, like Christmas is suspected to cause people to go into depression for lack of enough money to meet the responsibility imposed by the season.
  1. Environment reason: Another reason likely to cause SAD is weather change of the environment. During Christmas for instance, Dullness or coldness in weather due to the winter season affect people with potential depression, which was not the case in summer or other brighter day seasons.
  1. Social reason: As with economic factor, society expectation of one’s responsibility to loved one do result in depression for those unable to meet these responsibilities. Issues of divorce, domestic violence, and single parenting are possible culpable factors. And mostly, such memories and expectations do come in festive periods.
  1. Health reason: People with subsisting psychiatric or mental conditions do get ignited when so many people suddenly come around, characteristic of holidays.
  1. Psychological reason: The views of people differ and for some with the skewed mental condition often slipped into a depression during holidays because of certain underlying psychological reason. Like people who had bad experiences earlier in life, such as loss of loved ones, childhood abuse may live the rest of their lives in depression.
  1. Lifestyle: People who do drugs or engage in alcohol are prone to depression pandemic. Their stock in trade, drug and alcohol are commonplace during festive seasons and taking more of it would result in a depressed situation.

From the above, these causes are interwoven and its complexity latent with graver consequences. Help through counseling in Chicago is available to residence living in the Windy City.

Cognitive Therapy as well as other psychotherapy approaches may help you learn to live a more balanced lifestyle.  Email or call our Chicago Therapist with inquiries.