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Cubs Anxiety: Why Chicago Worries

Cubs Anxiety

The elimination of Chicago Cubs from the national league championship series in baseball in 2015 was one of the numerous disappointments since 1908 the last time the Cubs won the championship; that’s over 100 years ago. Yes, many fans seek help to deal with their stress.

For the ordinary person, the world goes on, but for a Cubs fan, it’s another hope dashed after so much expectations and optimism not winning another championship in a long while. It was an emotional breakdown of a sort for Cubs followers around the world. Thus goes the worries of when will it be? Chicago Cubs games can pose a challenge for those who struggle with OCD to say the least.

The Cubs history

The Chicago Cubs have a history; a rich past, anyone would be proud of. It dates back to 1876; a history that links to the founding of the National League, a history of a championship won last in 1908 and a history that takes half Chicago as fans and numerous others around the world. It is, no doubt, an American baseball history, because talking about the development of sports, particularly baseball anywhere in the world; Chicago Cubs is eminently a factor! If you are a fan a club with such history, what would you do?

The beautiful part of any sporting activity is the championship, and the expectation of any fan is winning. Winning thus becomes your worry, and you see every of your club’s management and player’s action from the winning point.

Expectedly, every Cubs fan’s expectation, hope, prayer and action is to see Chicago Cubs winning the championship again. More to that, they want to see their team pushing and cutting through the elimination series to clinch the coveted prize, in all competitions and ultimately, the world championship!

Cubs New Season Means Anxiety

To Cubs’ loyal fans, every new season brings the optimism, “it is this year”. It’s a consuming passion of hope that the club will excel and clinch the championship this year.

Imagine the anxiety that follows the eager that your club would win a championship; that has been the situation with all Cubs fans. I listened to a close friend musing how she started following the Cubs since she was a little girl; now at 38, she’s even more fanatical.

But the interesting thing about the Cubs fans is, each time it isn’t their year, they still say, “maybe it is next year”.

The lesson of tenacity.

If there is anything you wanna learn from Cubs fans, is hope and passion of expecting; the steadfastness in them is for me infectious! Put that solid determination and optimism in anything you do, I bet you would continue to weather the storm. And no wonder why the Cubs has such a rich history!

The superstition, the optimism, the loyalty

We humans always find a reason to console ourselves when things aren’t going our way, and Cubs fans are doing just that. There have been series of superstitions to explain the Cubs inability to win the championship again after the last one, over 100 years ago, blaming it on curses! I hear it a lot in every sport. Maybe that’s why some teams would bunch together to have a quiet session to pray for luck before an outing. Sports is a subject that sometimes comes up during our Chicago Counseling Sessions.

But from my observation, the superstition angle is all about fans way of showing loyalty and faith in their club, and I quite understand the feeling.

It’s a new year, and everyone’s saying, “It is this year”, go cubs!