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Agoraphobia Therapy in Chicago

Get Help for Agoraphobia

If you are searching for agoraphobia treatment in Chicago, here is some useful information that can answer many common questions. People experiencing agoraphobia symptoms describe having a panic attack when leaving home, being among crowds, fear of public transportation and small spaces. Although social anxiety/phobia can co-exist with this disorder, the distinct features are different. Experiencing chest pains, shortened breath, feeling tired, as well as dizziness are tell-tale signs that something is wrong.

Agoraphobia Treatment Chicago, IL

What causes Agoraphobia?

Many professionals within psychological circles believe that agoraphobia is caused by traumatic life events which provoke anxiety within the individual. While there is no single factor which explains this mental disorder, it is believed to have genetic traits. There is some evidence which shows women who have experienced relationship problems, divorce, separation, including bad breakups are more at risk of developing agoraphobia. It goes without saying that men can also be affected.

Those who suffer from panic disorders understand gaining control over their symptoms can often be overwhelming. It’s time to get help when the stress is so bad that you’re not able to follow through with daily activities like going outside or enjoying life. Alcohol use disorder is yet another complication that can go along with agoraphobic suffers. Self-medicating through drinking can make the problem even worse. Social phobias can unwontedly cause problems with friendships, work, intimacy, plus functioning.

Panic Attack Therapy

While there are several psychotherapy approaches, our agoraphobia treatment in Chicago utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). During sessions, a therapist provides education on this condition to help clients understand the symptoms. Step by step, exposure therapy can also be used to gradually decrease fears. Appointments are focused upon helping you identify irrational fears and actively challenge thoughts which keep you from living a healthy lifestyle. Anti-anxiety medication can also be a solution. Talk to your psychiatrist about possible medical therapy.

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