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Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Therapist in Chicago

Adult ADD, ADHD Therapist

adult-adhd-chicagoDid you know that Adult ADHD is more common than you think? Many people mistakenly learn that attention deficit hyperactive disorder is only problematic for children.  However, the symptoms of ADHD can persist, and even escalate, into adulthood.  The hyperactivity or chronic anxiety is not always the presenting factor in adult ADHD. As an adult, you may feel unorganized, emotionally unstable, and an inability to focus is often described by sufferers. There is hope. While medication is an option, coping skills cannot be learned with a prescription. That is where adult ADHD counseling comes into play. Here are a few things that you can learn from therapy.

Understand Adult ADHD Symptoms and What You’re Feeling

As an adult with ADHD, you will cycle through several different stages of dysfunction. You might have been dealing with these symptoms for so long that it feels normal for you. One of the main symptoms is extreme emotional behavior. At one moment, you may feel happy to the point of euphoria. At other moments, you may feel anger to the point of rage. According to a study published by The American Journal of Psychiatry, nearly 4% of the population struggles with Adult ADHD.There are other symptoms plus behaviors that can be problematic such as difficulty sleeping, eating disorders, substance abuse, including self-harm. When talking with your therapist for the first time, these are all things that need to be disclosed so that each issue can be addressed.

Improve Focus with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Therapy 

One of the most important skills that you are going to learn in therapy is organization. Your adult ADHD can negatively affect your professional and home life. At work, you may feel overwhelmed. You may even find that it is hard to hold a job on a long-term basis. If you are a student, you may find that you are not motivated to excel and may have a history of failing grades and skipping classes.

Your counselor may have you use tangible organizational tools such as post it notes, planners and other things that can help you create a routine. Sticking to this routine can assist you with feeling overwhelmed and completing every task that you start.

Challenge ADHD Racing Thoughts

Adult ADHD therapy can counter the years of negative behavior and beliefs that have been built up. Many people with ADHD have a problem with self-esteem and believing that they can successfully complete any task that they put their minds to. You may have feelings of self-doubt. Seeking therapy will help you conquer those negative thoughts and realize your true potential.

(ADD) Attention Deficit Disorder Affects Relationships

Attention Deficit Disorder Therapy

Another large part of ADHD is the lack of social skills. Impulsive behavior and bad decision making can influence your relationships with friends, family, and even co-workers. At some point in your therapy, your therapist may see it fit to include your spouse or family members. It will help them to understand your condition as well as learn about ways they can help you during the course of your treatment.

People in your life may be harboring resentment because of years of bad behavior. They will learn that they symptoms that you display are not just a result of you being apathetic. They will learn that there are clinical reasons behind your inability to effectively communicate.

How does your attention deficit disorder therapy help in Chicago?

Many people avoid going into counseling because of the social stigma that is attached to mental health problems and treatment. Popular media has contributed to the belief that people who are in treatment are mentally ill. This negative stereotype is exactly what makes people avoid therapy. It is important to understand that seeking therapy is not a weakness.

Nothing displays strength and resilience more than being able to recognize you have a problem that you need help with solving.One method of therapy that has proven to be quite effective in the treatment of adult ADHD is cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The main difference between cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, and traditional therapy is its focus.Traditional therapy methods focus on the emotional factor and digs into the past to learn about certain events or circumstances that may have triggered the feelings of the patient. CBT focuses on the patient’s way of thinking. It is the discipline of CBT that the way you think directly affects the outcome of things that you do and how outside factors may affect you.

CBT is a great tool to help you take control of your thoughts and life, while learning to become more focused and organized. Learning and practicing these new skills will help you conquer your ADHD.If you have questions or concerns about what CBT can do to help you deal with your adult ADHD, contact our counselor at Anxiety Therapist Chicago for help today. It is the first, and most important, step to getting better.