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5 Ways Stress Affects the Body

5 Ways Stress Affects the Body

Stress negatively affects modern man’s health like never before. While stress and anxiety are concepts oftentimes used interchangeably, they are two separate but complementary psychological states that seem to be omnipresent in today’s society.

Many people in Chicago want help to get rid of stress, yet don’t know where to turn. As a seasoned therapist, I teach cognitive therapy along with fitness to clients as way to reduce stress affects.

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5 Ways Stress Affects the Body

Whether we’re talking about a short-term frustration like a faulty internet connection or a major life event like divorce, psychological distress can affect our minds, bodies and overall health. Read on below to learn about the 5 ways stress and anxiety affects us:


1.      Stress equals fat?

According to numerous specialists across the nation, high levels of stress are clearly correlated to weight gain. Part of this correlation is due to poor eating habits during stress, such as fast food and carbs, but the stress hormone cortisol also plays a role in increase the amount of fat tissue your body holds on to.

  1. Insomnia

Ever felt so stressed and anxious about the next day that you couldn’t fall asleep? Or worse, kept waking up during the night? This happens when the anxiety reaches a moderate to high level, and your mind is overstimulated by apocalyptic scenarios related to the near future.

  1. Fight or flight response

This response evolved over millennia to protect us from danger. When you experience high levels of anxiety, your brain thinks it’s in danger. As a consequence, the hypothalamus signals the adrenal glands to release cortisol in order to prepare the cardiovascular system for either fight or flight. Over time, diseases such as high blood pressure can occur. Chicago counseling Therapy is here to assist with solutions.

  1. Stress Contributes to Depression

One of the most crippling psychological effects of anxiety is the onset of depression. While they are two different disorders, they can enable each other into existence. When manifesting together, they lower the immune system making you more susceptible to illnesses.

5.      Cravings

The release of cortisol into the bloodstream during stressful times has also been linked to sugar and fat cravings. They are considered good food by your brain because they provide an quick energy boost to help you face the stress. However, if indulged they can result in diabetes and high cholesterol levels which can lead to heart attack.

All things considered, these were the 5 ways stress and anxiety affects our body, mind and overall health. While the immediate effects are manageable, the long term ones are downright scary. This is why you should seek counseling and possibly medical attention in the greater Chicago area whenever you are dealing with stress and anxiety.