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5 Signs The Woman You’re Dating Is Too Quick To Commit

5 Signs The Woman You’re Dating Is Too Quick To Commit

If you’ve only been seeing a woman for a few weeks, it’s too early to be committed to each other. However, you might notice behavior from her that suggests she wants commitment right now. Here are five signs that the woman you’re seeing commits too quickly.

1. She is demanding of your time

A woman who commits too quickly often becomes clingy early in the relationship. She will want to know what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. She will expect to be included in all of your plans. This is an unreasonable expectation in a new relationship, even when you like someone a lot.

2. She wants to involve you in her family celebrations

If the woman you’re newly dating wants you to come to her father’s 50th birthday, attend a friend’s wedding, or travel four states away for her family reunion, she’s probably a woman who commits too quickly. It’s important to get to know each other better before you begin getting to know each other’s families. Getting involved with each other family’s is a sign of commitment. There are some alternative ways to have a romantic date.

3. Discussing the future on the first date

A woman who discusses marriage, babies, and other future plans is one who is singularly interested in committing. She might seem less interested in getting to know you than making sure you know exactly what she wants in life. This type of woman will push for what she wants and not let up until she gets it. During counseling, we can discuss setting realistic exceptions.

4. You find her things in your house

It might start with lotion and a few pieces of clothing, but before you know it your home is filled with her items. A woman who is a little more bold might begin making room for her items in your medicine cabinet, closet, or dresser. Do you suddenly have her favorite yogurt in your fridge after just a month of dating? This is a woman who has quickly managed to work her way into your life and personal space.

5. She has lived with many men before

If the woman you’re dating has lived with many men in the past and seems to move from one relationship to the next without taking much of a break, she’s a woman who commits quickly. Women who do this usually believe that the current guy is “the one,” without giving it much time or consideration. Our therapy in Chicago can help you explore the motivations behind new relationships.

A woman who is quick to commit might not be the ideal woman for you, so if you spot any of the above signs it’s important to slow things down before things goes too far. If you’re not looking for commitment this early in a relationship, this type of woman might not be right for you. Contact your anxiety therapist Chicago to schedule an appointment to see a therapist. Many times anxiety and depression can be addressed during relationship therapy.