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5 Hypnosis Myths Dispelled

Hypnosis Myths Debunked

Hypnosis can be a good psychological skill if used by a trusted mental health practitioner. Unfortunately, some hypnotists claim to have magical powers that can fix all emotional problems. The confusion is partly due to outrageous images throughout history of women being placed helplessly under a hypnotic trance.

These distortions date back to the 1700s, when Franz Anton Mesmer’s boasted he could cure blindness, plus stop neurotic hysteria. We forget that he was also a master showman whose outrageous stunts got him banished from Vienna. Hypnotherapy plays an important place within modern psychology and can be very useful for numerous ailments.

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Here are 5 Hypnosis Myths Dispelled:

  1. Can you be hypnotized to forget about an ex-boyfriend, husband or bad relationship? Hypnosis can not be used to erase someone’s mind because memories are stored within the brain’s hippocampus. A therapist can help you to associate different emotions from painful memories, but not eliminate thoughts.
  2. Is it true that only a medical doctor can be a hypnotherapist? Sorry this is false, anyone can do it.  Hypnosis in Chicago, IL is not currently regulated by any particular agency. This means the operator does not have to be a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist as well as counselor to practice hypnotism. The good news is many states are starting to set educational requirements.  I might add that the Greater Chicago area has some very good hypnosis experts who are not licensed mental health workers.
  3. Could you be hypnotized to have sex? This is yet another outright lie. Despite internet gossip, no one can be made to engage in sexual activity during hypnosis. This myth is so incredibly ridiculous that it deserves to be debunked on a completely different post.
  4. Could a hypnotist take control over your mind and make you do anything he wants? While some clients may be more susceptible to suggestion, there is no evidence that anyone can be forced to act against their will.
  5.  Are hypnosis shows the same as individual therapyIt is important to remember that stage hypnotism is distinct to entertainment. Before the evening begins the hypnotist is scoping out the best candidates. If you watch closely, some audience members are asked to go back to their seats. On the other hand, a licensed therapist is trained to help clients cope with psychological disorders. The idea is to find a mental health professional that uses hypnosis as one part of their overall treatment tools. If you have been diagnosed with depression, cognitive behavioral therapy is a good combination.

Is Hypnotism Real?

Yes-the benefits have been well documented. With so much superstition around the phenomenon it’s important to dispel myths.  Today, experts utilize mindfulness meditation during sessions to maximize results.

There are plenty of of talented Chicago therapists that use hypnosis for weight loss, stop smoking and relationship problems. Just make sure to do some research to find a qualified hypnotherapist.