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3 Ways to Boost Self Confidence at Work

3 Ways to Boost Self Confidence at Work

Improving self confidence at work can benefit your health, as well as career. The professional world is not always kind to us.  Throughout our working lives, we face a constant barrage of both physical and psychological challenges that we must work through in order to succeed.  These challenges can really take a toll on both our physical health and our self-confidence; this in turn affects our confidence and productivity in our work environment.  But here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to!  Whether you’re a new hire or you’ve been with the same company for years, here are three tips that can help you boost your self confidence while you’re at work. As a therapist in Chicago, I have helped many individuals improve their self-esteem.

1.  Improve Self Confidence Physically

We all know that exercise can help us feel better.  We work out, we get in better shape, we look better, and this in turn boosts our confidence.  But exercise can also help us feel better mentally.  When we work out, our bodies release endorphins, which are not only natural pain-killers but also natural mood elevators.  Exercise also helps our bodies regulate cortisol and adrenaline, two hormones that contribute to our feeling stress and anxiety.  When we’re more relaxed and less stressed, we can feel more confident and productive while we’re on the job. As you may know, stress can lend itself to many problems for the body.

2.  Try a Confident Hairstyle

Or try a few new clothes.  Or take up a new hobby.  Or do volunteer work in the community.  As with exercise, making a few key changes helps our view of ourselves.  When we make positive changes, we improve our view of ourselves, provided the changes are made for us and not to please anyone else.  Getting a new haircut, a few new wardrobe pieces, or that cool necklace we saw at the mall helps boost our self-image, which translates to increased confidence.  The same goes for learning a new skill or doing volunteer work out in the community.  We’re out doing something new and different, and it’s a huge boost to our confidence levels when we step outside our comfort zone.  Not only will this boost confidence in the workplace, it also can allow us to bond better with our peers and co-workers.  When people hear about a new hobby or see something new about us, they may want to know more, which opens the door to better social interactions, which can further boost our confidence. If you female reader, check out Chicago Lashes for a few makeup tips.

3.  Focus Self Confidence on Strengths

One problem we often have in the workplace is that we doubt our own abilities.  When we go out into the professional world, we’re exposed to people of all ages, backgrounds, education levels, and skill sets.  Meeting and interacting with these people can make us second-guess what we bring to our jobs, which can cripple our self-confidence and performance at work.  When this happens, we need to stop, re-center ourselves, and remember what strengths we bring to the workplace.  Yes, our co-worker might have amazing report-writing skills, but we’re better at speaking with clients and assessing their needs.  No one person can do everything perfectly in a workplace; it’s a team effort that involves a lot of people utilizing their strongest skills to make things run smoothly.

Self confidence isn’t something we’re born with; it’s something we learn with time.  And sometimes it’s not an easy thing to learn, especially when we feel stressed or inadequate.  But remembering the positive things we bring to the workplace, along with working on ourselves and our self-image, will boost our self-confidence both in the workplace and anywhere else we might go.  In addition to these tips, a good therapist can offer additional advice and suggestions for taming anxiety, reducing stress, and boosting self confidence. If you are considering therapy for self confidence in Chicago, contact the clinic today.